Spherity accelerates blockchain as BLOCKROCKET member

About Spherity

Spherity is building decentralized identity management solutions to power the Industrial Internet of Things, bringing secure digital identities to enterprises, machines, data and algorithms. The client focus is primarily on technical industries like pharmaceuticals, supply chain and mobility. In particular, Spherity is a market leader in the data integrity requirements of the Industrial Internet of Things market.

Spherity’s Cloud Identity Wallet Solution enables secure transactions and immutable audit trails between digital identities in any given value chain. From supplier onboarding to production, quality management, distribution, usage and recycling, the digital identity travels along the full life-cycle.

The Blockchain based digital identity management enables verification processes to establish trust in data exchange between previously unknown actors. Integrated W3C standards and a minimum use of Blockchain ensure interoperability and scalability – bringing industry 4.0 use cases to life.


BLOCKROCKET provides a state of the art ecosystem that helps startups, corporates, and investors to leverage the potential of blockchain technology.

We believe that innovation happens when entrepreneurs and experts from established companies join forces. Therefore, BLOCKROCKET provides a platform based on top-level co-working facilities in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin as well as a powerful network of investors, corporates and service providers in the blockchain space. This enables joint projects, knowledge transfer and fundraising opportunities to successfully accelerate blockchain.

So far various reputable organizations joined the BLOCKROCKET ecosystem, reaching from fast-growing startups (e.g. Bitbond, Agora Innovation, Aeternity) over corporate partners and service providers (e.g. e-shelter, Nägele Law) to investors (e.g. High-Tech Gründerfonds, German Startups Group, Global Blockchain Ventures, Blockwall).

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