MADANA accelerates blockchain as BLOCKROCKET member


MADANA is a tech Startup from Berlin utilizing various new technologies, such as Blockchain technology, in order to enable future data ecosystems. Our patent-pending solution enables privacy-preserving data analysis, which is a major breakthrough in data science that allows participants to establish a data market while preserving Privacy by Design. We enable companies to make better use of data and acquire more unique insights through the use of privacy enhancing technologies. We simply refer to it as #PrivTech.


BLOCKROCKET provides a state of the art ecosystem that helps startups, corporates, and investors to leverage the potential of blockchain technology.

We believe that innovation happens when entrepreneurs and experts from established companies join forces. Therefore, BLOCKROCKET provides a platform based on top level co-working facilities in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin as well as a powerful network of investors, corporates and service providers in the blockchain space. This enables joint projects, knowledge transfer and fundraising opportunities to successfully accelerate blockchain.

So far various reputable organizations joined the BLOCKROCKET ecosystem, reaching from fast growing startups (e.g. Bitbond, Agora Innovation, Gapless, Aeternity) over corporate partners and service providers (e.g. e-shelter, Innogy Innovation Hub, Nägele Law) to investors (e.g. High-Tech Gründerfonds, German Startups Group, Global Blockchain Ventures, Blockwall).

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