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We believe that innovation happens when entrepreneurs and experts from established companies join forces. BLOCKROCKET is a dedicated accelerator for blockchain startups offering an exclusive ecosystem to help startups, corporates, and investors to leverage the potential of blockchain technology, through shared co-working spaces across multiple cities in the DACH region. 

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Our Services

Workspace in the ecosystem
Access to a broad network of industrial corporations
Exposure to investors and clients
Build strategic partnerships and
access technology
Access to talent pool

Our Portfolio


ShareHope is building a platform, that enables donators in order to donate 100% to the recipients by using the blockchain technology to decrease the fees.


myEGO2GO is building a mobile app to manage the digital Identity that enables to own their verified digital Identity by a simple, encrypted & user-friendly technology.


ipOcean is building a protected social network that enables the exchange of ideas, challenges as well as all sensitive information easily and securely in order to achieve faster and better innovation by a blockchain-based platform.

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Sanostro reinvents investing with unique collective intelligence. Sanostro provides investment signals from the world’s leading hedge funds to help you capture returns and reduce risk like no one else.

Spherity Logo.jpg

Spherity is bridging the spheres among humans, objects, machines and algorithms via their digital representations, allowing new forms of secure machine-focused commerce and decentralization.


ditCraft provides software quality assurance and vulnerability mitigation through automated and manual software tests leveraging a community of proven expert developers. 


FINEXITY is Europe's first and leading platform for digital real asset investments. The company enables private investors to invest in selected, leased and fully managed buy-to-let properties via its blockchain-based investment platform. 

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Tangany is a German white-label custody service provider for companies with more than 20 clients.

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Arkane gives enterprises easy access to web 3.0 and helps them build the products and services of tomorrow.


COMETUM is building the most advanced and strongest investment manager for cryptocurrencies that enables investors in order to achieve professional asset growth by our solution.

Anyblock Analytics

Anyblock Analytics provides methods, tools and data to implement and operate blockchain business processes more efficiently and with greatly reduced risks.


GLUCE enables inventors to develop their inventions into products in order to mass produce and sell these via a curated marketplace by taking care of all relevant functions through a network of experts and companies.


Evercity is building a digital platform for impact measurement, management and investment that enables impact investors to increase transparency and liquidity of their investments by integrating 4.0 tech (blockchain, AI, IoT and drones). 

Fundacja Blockchain.png

Blockchain Development Foundation is developing a new patent-pending solution for Blockchain and asymmetric cryptography. It’s first device, Bitfold, is going to be one single point of access to all encrypted data, government or corporate-issued ID and digital assets like cryptocurrencies.


FINOA has developed a fully digital, smartphone-controlled custody solution for institutional investors in Digital Assets.


QWICS is building QWICSchain, a legacy-friendly, web-based smart contract and blockchain integration platform for investment banking.

SmartCredit - Its mission is to create the first decentralized system of crypto-credit money in the world, empowering people to take back control over their own money – without the commercial banks and fees.

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CashOnLedger has built the regulatory compliant  programmable Euro that enable automated payments in order to gain process efficiencies by using smart contracts and Blockchain Technology.


Digipharm has built a pioneering blockchain-based platform for value-based contracting of healthcare technologies and healthcare services. They use smart contracts to eliminate manual processing and have also launched the worlds first digital health marketplace.

“Social Sports Platform” - B2B SaaS that supports sports clubs with a dedicated white-label mobile solution to access new revenue sources, to engage their fan community and to analyse the brand visibility and interaction of their sponsoring brands.


Lemon Cash - Facilitating the onboarding and access to financial services. Freeing finances and creating a borderless economy for everyone. We provide digital wallets as a service empowered by open banking, blockchain and loyalty programs.


Trality is building a platform for algorithmic crypto trading that enables traders of all levels of experience to beat the market with the help of trading bots.

Blockstate is a Swiss security token platform for non-bankable assets such as SME equity and debt or real estate. We digitise assets to directly connect issuers and investors.

Coindex offers a platform for intelligent Cryptoportfolios and their management.


Crypto Tree enables everyone holding and already using crypto currencies to find locations close to them, that accept crypto currencies as payment.


Plethora is a fintech startup pioneering the digital asset management space. Plethora's software uses financial engineering and machine learning to significantly reduce the risk of investing in digital assets and create alpha. 


Paiblock is a blockchain-based and AI-capable payment and digital lifestyle platform that helps consumers gather all the dots of their digital lives in one secure place. 


Finery eFX is a B2B non-custodial trading platform with customizable crypto liquidity and post-trade peer-to-peer settlement. We have the ambition to become a global inter-banking venue for trading cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

eCustoms - full logo.png

International Trade processes made easy thanks to Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Synchronize all stakeholders at the same open platform, reducing error rate and saving time.


license.rocks is the first solution to transfer and trade securely on-premise software licenses following a standard we developed with DIN (German ISO). license.rocks is on track to build the future of licensing using decentralized technologies to empower creators of digital items to embrace new token-based license models. 


cryptio is a professional bookkeeping solution for crypto. We are helping businesses like Consensys, Celo or Aave automate their accounting process from data collection on their exchanges, custody solutions and wallets to export to their accounting systems (Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite..)

Kedeon provides transparent quality monitoring to companies of any size. Kedeon's purpose-built sensors create provable and legally binding measurements signed on the device and verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain.


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Bring your startup to the next level at the German financial centre.


Boost your startup in Berlin -
the European Blockchain Hotspot.

As a digital accelerator, it is not necessarily required to sit with us in one of our offices.

Nevertheless, we offer co-working spaces for blockchain-related networking possibilities in Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin.


Close to the industry, Munich is the place to accelerate your startup.


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